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Armor Film / Paint Protection Film

In India scratches on vehicles are very common due to heavy & undisciplined traffic, bad roads, narrow parking spaces, vandalism, poor washing method and more. Similarly, hot and polluted environment cause color fading, yellowing and rusting.

Frequent repainting is costly and troublesome. In India, Teflon coating/polishing lasts just for a couple of days. Furthermore, frequent car exterior treatments can permanently damage vehicles.

Our flagship product, a high quality and durable Armor Film / Paint Protection Film once installed on vehicle body, shields vehicle from scratches & environmental damages thus keeping vehicle like new for years. Our Armor Film is far superior in quality than Paint Protection Film from leading brands. This is self-healing and maintenance free film. ...Read More...

  • Armor Film / Paint Protection Film on base car
  • Armor Film / Paint Protection Film on full bumpers
  • Armor Film / Paint Protection Film on bumper corners
  • Armor Film / Paint Protection Film on full car

Typical Coverage of Armor/Paint Protection Film


Decorative Vinyl Wrap

Our high quality Decorative Vinyl Wraps once installed as per your choice gives a new, beautiful and fresh look to your vehicle. We carry many popular and unique designs. Browse cars with different kinds of decorative vinyl wraps

  • Decorative Vinyl Wrap on roof top
  • Decorative Vinyl Wrap on bonnet
  • Decorative Vinyl Wrap - Custom design
  • Decorative Vinyl Wrap - Custom design
  • Decorative Vinyl Wrap - Custom design
  • Decorative Vinyl Wrap - Custom design

Typical Decorative Vinyl Wrap Coverage


Cooling Film

Hot weather makes the vehicles extremely warm. On the top banning of window film has further aggravated the problem. Our Auto Body Cooling film is installed on vehicle roof keeping vehicle cooler as well as giving fresh look. It also protects roof from scratches and environmental damages. Also protects roof top paint from damages due to pigeon drops and leakages in parking lot.

  • Cooling Film on roof top

White Cooling Film on Roof Top


Panoramic Roofing Film

Install high gloss black color shieldF Roofing film to give your car's roof a panoramic roof like finish. Using this film customer can get same look with a fraction of cost of Panoramic roof. It also protects roof from scratches and environmental damages. Also protects roof top paint from damages due to pigeon drops and leakages in parking lot.

  • Panoramic Roofing Film on roof top

Black Panoramic Roofing Film on Roof Top


Lamp Film

Vehicle headlights and tail-lights turn hazy over the time due to degradation from the sun's UV rays. Similarly road debris, sandblast, etc, can damage these costly lights. In India given sunny weather and bad road condition vehicle headlights are at high risk of getting damaged.

Install shieldF Lamp film to your car's headlights and tail-lights as per your choice of color to keep their original shine and protect them. It also gives a refreshed look. This film has almost 90% transparency and comes in many light colors.

  • Transparent Lamp Film on Head Light

Car with Transparent Lamp Film On Headlight


Anti Fog Film

Deposit of fog on windscreen, glass windows and mirrors is very common in winter especially in colder places. This reduces visibility to literally zero and is a major cause of accidents.

Install shieldF Anti-fog film ensures improved protection to windscreen, side view mirrors, windows and instrument panels. A clearer view means a safer driving experience. Our anti-fog film also provides an extra layer of protection against shattering in the event of an accident.

  • Anti Fog Film on Glass

Windscreen With and Without Anti Fog Film


Glass Security Film

Mostly windscreen is made of laminated glass, but all other car windows are generally made from toughened safety glass. When struck with a sharp object or heavy object toughened glass breaks into thousands of pieces. Though they break in smooth pieces, but in case of an accident these pieces can injure passengers. On the top, for the thief with his eye on valuables in your car, glass might as well not be there. In only a few seconds and with little noise he can smash the glass, take what he wants and be away.

Install shieldF security film to prevent shattering of glass pieces in case of an accident thus eliminating injuries and also prevents entry to car thieves and vandals.

  • Security Film on Glass

Thief Breaking Window Without Security Film



  • testimonial

    Rajesh Patil


    I recently covered my black Audi A6 with shieldF paint protection film. Great smooth and shiny finish. It is invisible.

  • testimonial

    D. M. Ramesh kumar


    Recently a motorcycle scratched right side of my maroon Jaguar. Thanks to Autotech film. No scratches at all on paint. Scratches on film disappeared in few days.

  • testimonial

    Kishor Pathak


    I had carried out 3M PPF on my car. It turned yellow and came off. I got it redone from Autotech India. Great work.

  • testimonial

    Shushant Jagade


    Amazing film, amazing installation, very hardworking workers and great post-installation service.

  • testimonial

    Mahadevan Iyer


    I called Autotech to carry out filming on one of my Audi. So impressed with the product. I finally got all my five cars protected.

  • testimonial

    Naresh Rathi


    I bought a new BMW 525. Within weeks due to bird drop the top was spoiled. Now after repainting and spending Rs. 85,000 on painting I got it covered with shieldF armor film. Now I am safe. I wish I had gone for this film on day one.