shieldF FilmInstallation Manual

There are centain limitations of filming. We strongly recommend you to explain these to customer before starting installation.

Pre-Installation Check-up



Typical Joints

The following image illustrates typical joint points. As far as possible put joints near a panel design. The joint on fenders come approximately 2'3" from the top.

Car showing joints
Car showing joints
Car showing joints

Difficult Areas

Bumpers and Trunk are some of most difficult parts of any vehicle. Please use the following techiques.

Car with black vinyl wrap on whole body
Car with black vinyl wrap on whole body

Ensure lights are uninstalled and bumpers are loosened to have at least 3-4" gap. Always start from center to side ways.

Dips Near Lights and Truncks : This is one of the most diffcult part. Here film tends to pop out. To ensure quiker and firm pasting dry that portion, apply 3M Primer 94, let primer dry for 3-5 minutues and press film hard for few seconds. On primed portion you can not retry again and again. Ensure edges are tucked inside. Edges should be pasted using radium tape/feviquick. Similar dips are present near the truck on the rear bumper. Seal all edges with 3M Edge Sealer 3950.

Sharp Bends Near Bumper Corners : This portion turn three ways at the same time. Also, the area on the upper part suddenly decreases. Here film tends to shrink. To ensure quick and good finish, one applicator should hold and pull film in the right direction. Another applicant should heat the film and start pasting with squeeze or dry cloth. If needed use apply 3M Primer 94.

Curve Designs : These sort of designs require cuts or have to be finished with small pieces. Ensure there are minimum cuts on visible surface. Since this portion is on the lower side, these cuts are not easily visible.

Edge Finishing

Film can come off only from exposed edges because poor installation, washing or film contraction/expansion. All exposed edges must be sealed using 3M Edge Sealer 3950. Also seal with radium tape where possible. The following are some of the areas requiring special attention.

  • Lower portion of bumpers and side panels
  • Wheel portion
  • Top portion of bumpers
  • Edge near trunck
  • Edges of front fender near doors
  • Edges in fuel tank inlet



It is very important to finish car properly. No customer likes to see bubbles, loose ends, improper cutting, etc. There is chance that film may come off if proper finishing is not carried out. It is always better to finish properly than redoing later on.