shieldF Film

Offered Product

In India scratches on vehicles are very common due to heavy & undisciplined traffic, bad roads, narrow parking spaces, vandalism, poor washing method and more. Similarly, hot and polluted environment cause color fading, yellowing and rusting. Even new vehicles start looking old within few months.

Similarly other parts of vehicle like lamp, glass are also at high risk of damaging.

shieldF Filming Centers install high quality automobile films at very attractive price on 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers. These products to either protect vehicles or beautify vehicles. Most products are sold only by Autotech in India. We are also in the process of adding more products for offering. Our stores are anchor stores. To cross sell, we also plan to offer car accessories of other known brands.

Cooling Film - shieldF body cooling film once installed on roof top keeps vehicle cooler. Given India is a hot country, this film is highly desirable.

Why Franchise With Us?

  • Product of its kind with no competition in India
  • Highly desired and more or less essential product
  • Established brand name
  • Proven business model
  • Full billing and ERP system
  • Proper support from experts
  • Benefit of brand value & trust of people
  • Nationwide warranty support to your customers
  • Referral of customers
  • shieldF products are strong anchor products for cross selling other products
  • Low investment and high return venture.

What Franchisee Can Expect?

  • On-site/ offsite training and support to technicians
  • Technical, sales & operations support
  • Store design
  • Marketing material
  • Expert guidance while setting up franchise
  • Complete IT system in franchise
  • Site selection assistance
  • Brand Name & logo

Steps For Launching Store

  • Filling-up of application form. You can download shieldF Car Filming Center Franchise Application Form and mail for consideration.
  • Evaluation of application by Franchisor
  • On approval franchisee has to pay sign-up fee
  • Sign the contract
  • Location search by franchisee. Location has to be approved by Franchisor.
  • Finish store interior within one month of location finalization
  • On-site training by Autotech Technicians

Store/ Location Requirement

  • Minimum 600 Sq ft Carpet Area is required for 2 car set-up. Or minimum 120 sq ft for 2-wheeler set-up.
  • Ground level or should be easy to build ramp for cars to go inside.
  • Property height should be Minimum 10 ft.
  • Recommended frontage of 20 feet for 4-wheeler store.
  • Prime location.
  • Good surrounding catchment area with even mix of residential and commercial properties.
  • At least a 2 car park (dedicated) outside the store.

Site Interior

  • Design has to be approved by the Franchisor
  • Painted with white paint
  • Sliding Glass front
  • Fall Ceiling with lights and fans
  • A/C
  • Enough electrical outlets all over the facility
  • CCTV in all four corners
  • Computer with printer
  • Customer lounge area with Sofa and center table
  • Counter with two chairs
  • 30" TV
  • Internet connection
  • Water cooler/dispenser
  • Storage Facility
  • Painted car panel for Scratch demonstration
store layout

Store Branding/Marketing

  • Wall hangings/posters on all walls - Design provided by the franchisor and printed locally.
  • Lighted Signage in front of store - Design provided by the franchisor and made locally.
  • T-Shirts - Design provided by the franchisor and printed locally.
  • Broachers : Provided by the franchisor
  • Other Marketing Material - Design provided by the franchisor and printed locally.

Tools And Equipments

  • No special tools or equipment are required. Please download equipment list . All items are readily and locally available.


  • Filming Worker : Worker having experience of putting film on glass/window can be trained. The franchisor provides onsite training. Minimum 4 workers. Resources can be easily added.
  • Accessory Fitting Person : Worker having experience of car accessory fitting. This work can always be done by calling a person from nearby accessory shop.