About Us

Autotech India is supplier of high quality automobile components/services, primarily focusing on automotive body films. Our flagship products include shieldF Armor Film/Paint Protection Film, shieldF Cooling Film and shieldF Decorative Vinyl Wraps. We provide our products / services through a network of dealers and franchisees located in various cities across India.

We also provide door-to-door installation service in key states.

Autotech India runs franchisee under the name “ShieldF Car Filming Center”.

AutoTech India: Learn about us

Welcome to AutoTech India! If you are looking to ensure your vehicles’ top-quality and appearance, you are in the right place! We are a supplier of high-quality vehicle components and service for your automobile needs. 

Our products and services can also be found through a network of dealers located in different cities across India. We also provide door-to-door installations in chosen states for your convenience!

Here at AutoTech India, we are dedicated to improving your vehicle’s appearance and making sure you have the smoothest experience behind the wheel. We make sure to provide the best service that can last you a long time, so you won’t have to overspend on car maintenance.

Looking after your vehicles also means you prioritize your safety on the road. Applying extra precautions for your car is the key to being a responsible driver. We got your back! Our dedication to protecting your well-being is the foundation of our company. 

Our products

AutoTech India car filming centre is here to give your vehicles a scratch-free and shiny look! Our filming centres install high-quality film products that can ensure the quality of your vehicles. With just a small investment, you can keep your cars looking good and brand new for several years! Check this list out for the products that we currently offer, among others:

  • Armour film/paint protection film

In the cities of India, the cutthroat traffic and road incidents may cause scratches and heavy damage to your vehicle. Ill-mannered individuals who like vandalizing on someone’s property can also victimize your car paint which can do irreparable damage to your car’s exterior. Too much heat from the environment can also result in colour fading and rusting.

Here at AutoTech India, we install armour film on your automobiles to fully protect your cars from scratches which can improve their exterior appearance. This armour film is three layers strong and transparent with UV protective coating. It will maintain your car’s shiny look without spending a huge amount of money on car exterior treatments.

  • Decorative vinyl wrap

Want to brag about your car to your friends like it’s brand new? AutoTech India also offers unique designs to maintain the coolness of your car! Once installed, your vehicle can now look fresh again like it’s newly bought from a car dealership. Your car’s appearance and class say a lot about you, so decorate it as much as you like!

We offer different kinds of decorative vinyl wraps you can choose from, such as:

  • 2D carbon fibre vinyl
  • 3D carbon fibre vinyl
  • 4D carbon fibre vinyl
  • Camouflage wrap vinyl
  • Chameleon wrap vinyl
  • Chrome wrap vinyl
  • Glossy wrap vinyl
  • Lenticular wrap vinyl
  • Matte chrome vinyl
  • Matte wrap vinyl
  • Pearl diamond vinyl
  • Powder pearl chameleon vinyl
  • PVC brushed vinyl
  • Satin wrap vinyl

Give us a visit and customize your cars now like you are in an online racing game!

  • Cooling film

Travelling under the heat of the sun, especially when you live in a tropical country like India, can cause long-term damage to your car. Hot weather may damage the interior, disintegrating the plastic components on the inside. But don’t worry! AutoTech India installs a cooling film that can keep the vehicle cooler while you are fighting against the traffic heat. It also protects the roof from potential damage and scratches. 

  • Lamp film

In taking care of your car, inspect your vehicle headlights and taillights. Over time, they can turn hazy due to the sun’s UV rays. Road debris can also damage these lights, which can affect your safe driving. Driving around India can put your car lights at risk due to the hot weather and bad road conditions.

Head over to AutoTech India to have these lamp films installed on your car lights. It comes in different colours and has 90% transparency to ensure the original shine of your vehicle lights.

  • Anti-fog film

Driving in the cold season can cause vehicular accidents due to fog accumulating on the windshield and rear view mirrors, reducing your road visibility. Installing anti-fog films is a safety measure to avoid car accidents especially when you always have passengers with you.

You can give our shop a visit and install anti-fog film on your windshield and mirrors. This film can also give your car the extra protection it needs in the event of a car accident which can avoid the glass from shattering and badly hurting you.

  • Security film

Just like anti-fog film, security film can provide extra protection to your vehicle and prevent your window glass from shattering easily. Most of the time, thieves may target the valuables inside your car and break your windows. In just a matter of time, he can get away with the crime and your belongings as well.

Don’t wait for thieves and accidents to put you at risk! Bring your vehicle and install security film on your window glass and ensure everyone’s safety. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Customer feedbacks

At AutoTech India, our customers are more than happy and satisfied with our products and service! Their vehicles have undergone and experienced our optimal care through protective films. Don’t miss out on these products! We are always open to provide you with your vehicle needs. Here are some testimonials to prove how our products made lives better:

I recently covered my black Audi A6 with shieldF paint protection film. Great smooth and shiny finish. It is invisible.

–     Rajesh Patil (Pune, India)

Recently, a motorcycle scratched the right side of my maroon Jaguar. Thanks to AutoTech Film. No scratches at all on the paint. Scratches on film disappeared in a few days.

–     D.M. Ramesh Kumar (Hyderabad, India)

I had carried out 3M PPF on my car. It turned yellow and came off. I got it redone from AutoTech India. Great work!

–     Kishor Pathak (Aurangabad, India)

I called Autotech to carry out filming on one of my Audi. So impressed with the product. I finally got all my five cars protected!

–     Mahadevan Iyer (Chennai, India)

I bought a new BMW 525. Within weeks due to bird drop, the top was spoiled. Now after repainting and spending Rs. 85,000 on the painting I got it covered with shieldF armour film. Now I am safe. I wish I had gone for this film on day one.

–     Naresh Rathi (Pune, India)

Contact us

AutoTech India would like to welcome you with the best car service in town! Got some inquiries? You may reach out to us at:

Telephone number: +(91)-998-123-6765

For sales inquiry: sales@autotechindia.in

For distributor/dealership/partnership inquiry: partners@autotechindia.in

For careers: jobs@autotechindia.in

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I drive my car immediately after having the film installed?

A: We advise you to let the water dry up for a few days. The vehicle can only be used when the film has dried up.

Q: Will the film get scratches?

A: In case the film gets scratched, we can assure you that it will not be visible from a distance. Film scratches usually go away when exposed to the sun. 

Q: Can I wash my car after installing a film?

A: Yes. In fact, installing a film eliminates the need for heavy washing. The use of dry cloth is good enough.

Q: Do I have to install a film on my car even if it has undergone Teflon coating?

A: Yes. Teflon coating does not completely protect your vehicles from getting damaged. It can only conceal minor scratches, making it appear flawless despite having scrapes.

Teflon coating in India hardly lasts for 24 hours. So we highly advise you to install a protective film.

Q: I regularly clean my car to protect it from scratches. Do I still have to protect my car with a film?

A: Definitely. Cleaning does not guarantee the complete removal of scratches. In most cases, when rubbed frequently, the car exterior might get worse and peel out the car paint.

Q: I’ve been driving my car for ages and it already looks way too old. Will installing a protective film to improve its appearance advisable? 

A: We still need to evaluate the condition of the vehicle to identify if it is suitable for protective film installations. Most old vehicles in India are already damaged and repainted way too many times, and our film installation services are for preventing scratches. Protective films are not for vehicle restorations, unfortunately.

Experience the best car service with AutoTech India

AutoTech India invites you to take the next step in maintaining your vehicles through our services! We know how costly it is to own and look after your cars, and we are here to guide you in giving them the utmost attention and care. Don’t hesitate to give us a visit and contact us. Our experts will be waiting for you!