Anti-Fog Film

shieldF Anti-Fog Film
Deposit of fog on windscreen, glass windows and mirrors is very common in winter especially in colder places. Fogging reduces visibility to literally zero and is a major cause of accidents.

Anti-fog film can be installed on glass surface to prevent fogging due to differences in humidity and air temperature. Fogging often occurs when tiny droplets of water form on a surface and obscure visibility. This anti fog film is hydrophobic. This eliminates excessive moisture, and sheets it out invisibly on the coated surface resulting in a clear, fog free surface.

Install shieldF Anti-fog film ensuring improved protection to windscreen, door windows, side view mirrors and instrument gauges. As a clearer view means a safer driving experience, it pays to make sure your car windows do not fog. This anti-fog film also provide an extra layer of protection against shattering in the event of an accident. With our premier line of quality anti fog, you can eliminate the danger and frustration of having a foggy windshield for good.This film has almost 100% transparency.