AutoTech India: Must-have car accessories

AutoTech India is your number one partner when it comes to high-quality car repair services. We offer a wide range of repairs and maintenance for your car—from simple checkups to change oils, our shop can do it all.

Additionally, we provide useful information about car care and accessories to help our clients with everything they need. Discover important information right here at AutoTech India!

What to purchase

With a wider range of car accessories that you can have, it can be difficult to choose the ones that you’ll buy. Each of them has features that can benefit you in the long run. With that said, here are the following car accessories to choose from:

Phone holder

Don’t have a GPS on the car? You can use your phone and place it on the holder so you can easily see the map. This works best especially if you’re unfamiliar with the road and you need all the assistance you can get.

Additionally, there are different types of phone holders you can choose from. You’ll find ones that are placed on the blades of your car’s AC, can stand on the dashboard or can be stuck on the windshield.

Escape tracks

Purchase escape tracks in case your car gets trapped in the snow or mud. These lightweight tools can help you get out of difficult roads. 

Car hooks

Become more organized and save a lot of space in the car when you get car hooks. These useful tools can hold your bags and jackets during the entire car ride, preventing their contents from spilling everywhere. 

Folding trunk organizer

If you have many contents at the back of your car, this accessory can help you secure your belongings in one place. This is especially important when you’ll be going on a long drive and there are a lot of things that you need to bring. When not in use, you can simply fold it and place it somewhere in the car.

Wheel desk

Make working and eating in the car more comfortable when you purchase a wheel desk! This tool is made of durable plastic material so you can easily place and remove it from the wheel. It can hold various items such as laptops, books and food containers. 

Chair cushion

Avoid back and butt pain during long drives when you use a chair cushion! This accessory is not for work chairs but car seats as well. 

Console side pocket

The console side pocket is a lifesaver especially for those who usually drop their belongings on the space between the seats. It can hold different items such as your phone, house keys, cards and other things all at once.

Blindspot mirror

This important tool can help you transfer to another lane safely because it can show you those areas that are hard to see. 

Bench car seat cover

If you like going on road trips with your fur babies, this item is perfect for you! It is designed to prevent your seats from being covered in fur and mud caused by your pets.    

Stick on shade

Protect your eyes from the heat of the sun when you use a stick on the shade. Make sure that your window is clean so it can stick well. When not in use, this item can be easily folded and stored away. 

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