AutoTech India: How to customise your car

Cars help us move from one place to another and provide us with the comfort we seek in travelling.

Having a car means you’ll maintain it to make sure it lasts you for a long time. One thing you can do to achieve this personalising it and adding items that give your vehicle a more personal touch.  

Since you’ve come across this article, you are probably wondering what ways on how you can customise your car. Here in AutoTech India, we want you to style your vehicle and escalate the design. Check out some of the tips you should keep in mind. 

Add LED lights

What better way to elevate your car’s style than by adding LED lights?. Imagine driving your vehicle with different colours, and you also get to choose the colour you want your car to look like. Furthermore, it’s a great addition to add ample lighting to your vehicle since most cars have limited illumination. 

Change seat covers & floor mats

Changing the seat covers can alter the whole mood of your car. You also get to choose what colour of surfaces you want to have. We recommend changing the seat covers to your favourite shade. It is also recommended to use leather covers since they last long and add a luxurious feel.

Custom paint job

Are you bored with the colour of your car? If yes, then it’s time to personalise it by painting your vehicle. The colour your vehicle comes with can become outdated after a few years, so it’s better to get yourself a bucket of paint and start styling it. You don’t even have to paint your car entirely, and you can just paint a specific side to escalate the style. 

Neutral colours such as white, grey and black are what most cars come with; we recommend painting your vehicles yellow, red, purple or orange to give it a pop. 

Tinted windows

There’s nothing better than having your privacy. If you happen to be the type of person who likes having the said privacy, then it’s recommended that you have your car windows tinted. You don’t have to worry about people seeing you eating inside your car or if you happen to be having a morning drive. In addition, with your car windows tinted, it adds a cool factor when seen by people outside.

Car accessories

You don’t have to be shy about adding car accessories inside your car. The type of accessories you’ll add will describe what kind of personality you have. Be creative and look for items that will show people your unique personality. 


Speakers are one of the essential accessories you can add to your car. When going for a drive alone, having good speakers can keep you awake and alert while travelling. Look for good speakers with good bass and a sturdy build to last you for a long time. 

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