Why vinyl wraps are a better choice

Auto Tech India: Why vinyl wraps are a better choice

Over the years, car paint can lose its lustre as it faces the natural elements. This is especially true when you park your car outside. Having your car repainted can cost a lot, that’s why it’s better to use vinyl wraps.

A vinyl wrap is a covering for your car that would replace its paint. It can have the same colour with a different finish like gloss or matte, or a completely different colour. There are also those that have a special design. Take a look at other benefits of using vinyl:

It’s cost-efficient

While a high-quality paint job could make your car look as good as new, it also costs a lot. If your car is a classic that you want to restore for display or you just love classic cars, you can go ahead and have it repainted. However, if you want to restore the faded paint or you just want to change the paint, then a vinyl wrap is a more affordable choice.

It covers the body panels of your car the same way as paint coats. What makes it better is that the original paint won’t get damaged from the vinyl. Additionally, it also protects the original paint from harsh elements. It also provides a unique lustre to the car that can match or even exceed a paint job.

It’s easier to maintain

To keep your car looking fresh and new, it needs to be maintained, cleaned and waxed regularly. This prevents the build-up of dirt which can cause to remove the paint on the car and expose the metal underneath. If the metal is exposed, it could rust and parts of the metal would corrode, creating holes on the body of the car.

With a vinyl wrap, you only need to clean it occasionally to prevent dirt build-up. Since it’s already smooth and has its own protection, you won’t need to have it waxed, which could lessen the cost of having it washed. Not only that, if a part of the vinyl wrap is damaged, that can easily be replaced making the wrapping good as new at a fraction of the price of a repaint.

It boosts the resale value

If you plan to resell your car in the future, then a vinyl wrap would be a good investment. Car owners have their own preferences on what pattern or colour they want to have on their car. By using vinyl, you can have these added on your car without having to change the original paint. Not only that, a vinyl wrapping can add to the cost of the car when you sell it.

Even if you remove the vinyl wrapping, the original paint will remain undamaged which adds to the resale value. This is especially true if you have an older model that’s hard to look for one with an original paint. Sure, you can have it repainted if it has faded, but it still costs a lot and might cost more than the value added to your car.

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