Frequently Asked Questions

I have carried out Teflon coating on my vehicle. Do I require this film?
I carry out frequent rubbing to take out scratches. Do I require this film?
I have zero depreciation insurance. Do I require this film?
How this film slows down color fading?
How this film slows down color turning yellow?
How this film prevents rusting?
Is this film keeps vehicle cooler?
Does film itself get scratches?
Can I put on white vehicle?
How shieldF film increases resale value of my vehicle?
What is my savings if I go for this film?
How economical is this film compare to leading brands?
Can I install on repainted vehicle?
Can I wash my vehicle after filming?
Why vehicle dealers do not offer this film?
What sort of maintenance this film requires?
How this film is pasted?
What are stretch marks and are they visible?
Can I put on old vehicle?
I recently got my vehicle repainted by a company dealer. Can I get my vehicle filmed before it is scratched again?
Can I drive my vehicle immediately after filming?
Can paint come off at the time of removing film? What is the risk?