Security Film

shieldF Security Film
Mostly windscreen is made of laminated glass, but all other car windows are generally made from toughened safety glass. When struck with a sharp object or heavy object toughened glass breaks into thousands of pieces. Traffic accidents can happen any day even to the most responsible drivers. Unprotected side windows can easily shatter, glass pieces can cause significant injuries to passengers.

On the top, for the thief with his eye on valuables in your car, glass might as well not be there. In only a few seconds and with little noise he can smash the glass, take what he wants and be away. As of now only know protection is car alarm system. But today most people will ignore the sound of a blaring car alarm, assuming it is simply another pesky false alarm.
Install shieldF Security film on your vehicle window glasses and protect driver and passengers from broken glass pieces injuries. This security film provides a strong, protective barrier between Car occupants and the glass. In the event of an accident the window may still break, but the glass fragments adhere to the film. Car occupants are shielded from dangerous flying glass shards. Similarly it prevents entry to car thieves and vandals. This is 100% transparent film.